Labor Day Weekend Savings

Labor Day is the official end of summer for most people.  Time to retire your white fashions and beachwear.  I don’t really share the same sentiment knowing that it will be 100 degrees until November.  In a way, my summer has only begun.  After a season of unbearable temperatures, I look forward to the upcoming months.  While most celebrated the weekend at BBQs or on a boat, Wayne and I kept it pretty low-key.

As most women know, Labor Day Weekend is an excuse to go shopping… um, you know because there are sales you just can’t pass up!  I went out on Saturday to a few stores to see if there were any good deals to be had.  My first stop was a local store called, Trouve, which sells only European antiques and goods.  Very clean and simple.  It’s amazing.  Well, it just so happens that this store is moving across town and having a sale.  Never being able to afford anything from this place, I jumped for joy when I saw their email in my inbox.  Upon arrival, I scanned the room for markdowns.  Honestly, Trouve has some of the most gorgeous furniture I have ever seen.  Some of it was even on sale.  The prices went from absolutely unaffordable… to extremely unaffordable.  But then the heavens opened up and cast a beam of light on a case in the corner of the room.

70 percent OFF!

I ran, didn’t walk, over to the case.  I found these gorgeous decanters and made them my own.  I paid $17 for the three, instead of $56.  Yes, please and thank you!


My next stop was Sur la Table.  I was in need of a pair of pretty dish towels to hang on my oven, but I didn’t want to spend $20 or so a towel at Anthropologie.  But at just $7.95 a towel, I picked up these vegetarian themed towels hehe.  I saw these online and fell in love with them.  When I showed my husband he said, “Ohhh, I like those!”  Then his faced turned sour and I asked him what was the matter.  He whined, “I feel bad for the lamb.”  I’m sure he’ll get over it, we don’t eat meat all that much.  I just really liked the look of the towels.  Even though these weren’t on sale, they are still at a great price point.  I’m sure glad I came across these!

My final stop was Anthropologie.  I’m always compelled to check out the sale section, because I have made out so well in the past.  There wasn’t all that much as far as home stuff on the sale shelves.  But then I saw, what I thought was a blanket, until I held it up and realized it was a curtain panel.  It was gorgeous and ,actually, just what I had been looking for.  Side note:  I have vertical blinds in my living room and I can’t look at them anymore.  I have been looking for the right curtains at the right price for about a year now.  After countless searches online, I had found a few selections that I liked, but I held off because of the price.  I never realized how much curtains cost.  So that’s why Project:  Get Rid of Vertical Blinds, had been on the back burner.   After realizing I was holding my ideal curtain panel in my hands, I looked at the measurements, 108″ x 50″ – perfect.  “Oh, but there is only one!” I thought.  Nope, there were two.  I snatched that second one up faster than you can say curtain!


My eyes first saw the original price of $168, and that is per panel.  Then I continued on to read the new price marked in red… are you ready?


I wasn’t able to find a curtain panel I liked for less than $80 a piece, so you better bet I was more than thrilled to pay less than that for two.  In case you couldn’t tell, I’m really excited about this.  I can’t wait to hang them up!

SAVINGS = $266

Wayne and I rounded out the weekend with a peaceful outdoor dinner at the Four Seasons Hotel in Scottsdale.

How did you spend your weekend?  Any good sales?


Until really soon,


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