Chicago: What You Should Know

Part I of III

We like to travel.  We like.  We like to travel.

Chicago had been at the top of our list for a long time.  We were foolish not to have taken advantage of visiting “The Windy City” while living in Minneapolis, but what are yah gonna do?  When Wayne and I moved to Minnesota from New Jersey, we were lucky enough to have made the move with several of his colleagues.  Having each other during that difficult transition made it bearable.  After the Minneapolis chapter came to a close, we dispersed and went our separate ways.  Over the years our reunions have been few and far between, but always so much fun.  Even though we don’t see each other often, our bond is special… we shared that unique experience together.  Well anyway, one of our fellow MN buddies currently lives in Chicago with his wife.  This was perfect opportunity to see the city and visit friends at the same time!

Our weddings were over.  We were settled in AZ.  We got a dog.  And I had seen The Break-Up about one million times.  I could see no reason why we should delay our Chicago trip any longer.  I have never heard anything negative about it, only that the winters are cold.  But big whoop, been there done that, right?  So we went in July, during the Taste of Chicago – some event that we, of course, ended up not going to… so I couldn’t tell you a thing about it.

As we walked into our friend’s gorgeous apartment, we met this guy, Roscoe.  So cute.  I always love meeting new pups.

My first impressions of the city were great.  Very clean.  I knew I’d love it there, but I didn’t know what to expect.   I didn’t feel like I was in the Midwest.  To me, it felt more like the lovechild of San Francisco and Boston.  Lake Michigan is so enormous it feels like you’re on the coast; it definitely brings an important dynamic to the city.  We got the most amazing views from The Signature Room restaurant, at the top of the Hancock Tower.  There are even views from the ladies room, it’s pretty incredible.

The food was pretty good, but the prices were ridiculous, as expected.  It’s definitely worth it for the views and ambience.  Not only does Chicago have this gargantuan body of water, but it also dons the Chicago River.  There is an architectural tour by boat that we took.  I strongly recommend it.  It was enjoyable, informative, and gave views of the city’s amazing blend of architectural styles – all in a one hour boat ride.  We, being who we are, brought a thunder storm with us that began as soon as we sat down on the boat and lasted the duration of the tour.  We’re bad luck.  Even with the rain, the tour was wonderful.  AND they give you a fun little paper hat!  It did rip when I tried to put it on, but I was still a first mate.

Michigan Avenue is the place for most of your shopping needs.  It has all the good stuff.  It was here that I fell in love with Top Shop; one of the three US locations, the two others being New York and Las Vegas.  Another shopping area is what they call “Viagra Triangle.”  Where all the high end stores are, also lurk rich old men and young attractive women seeking sugar daddies, hence the name.  It’s a fun place to window shop, and that’s just what we did.  Sad face.

Millenium Park is home to the famous “bean.”  I’ve heard that the artist who made this bean-shaped sculpture gets angry at the fact that everyone refers to it as “the bean.”   I know what you’re all thinking, then why did he shape it like a bean?  I don’t know the answer to that, but I know that it’s really cool to see.  It’s especially functional if you don’t have any friends to take your picture, because it’s reflective!

Navy Pier is definitely a stop visitors should make, even for just a stroll.  It’s sort of like the Santa Monica Pier, except bigger.  Being right on Lake Michigan, It’s the perfect spot to view the firework shows.  If you have children or act like one, worry not, because it’s equipped with rides and games.  The ambience and feel is merry and relaxed, enhanced by the people-watching material.  It’s beautiful, you should go.

Well this post is getting long.  So for more on Chicago, come back on Friday for part II.  Tomorrow you can see my Labor Day Weekend retail acquisitions.  It’s very exciting!


Until really soon,


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