Sweet Salvage August 2012

Hello! I know it’s been awhile, but life is finally back to normal; I’m back in Arizona and ready to blog.

Even in my absence, you(the readers) were loyal and I thank you!

I have a lot to catch you guys up on:  a Chicago trip, a California visit, some New Jersey fun, DIY projects, and tons more.  My Chicago experience and a couple of awesome projects are on the schedule for this week, so be sure to get updates via email, on twitter, or Facebook.


Here we go!

Today, I’m going to show you the goods from the August Sweet Salvage.  In an attempt to not bore you with the typical stuff you see at every flea market, I’ve selected just the unusual and interesting things I discovered while hunting, AND what I brought home, of course.

Thursday morning came and I couldn’t get out the door fast enough.  I wasn’t in the market for anything in particular, but I’m always eager to see what’s out there.  If for nothing else, a trip to Sweet Salvage is  great for some inspiration, so I never leave empty-handed… Yeah, I don’t think I’ve ever left empty-handed because that would be unconstitutional.  With the opening morning of this four-day monthly event, comes people.  A lot of people.  You should wait until the end of the day if you NEED your personal space.  The cramped conditions are all part of the fun, though.  It isn’t ideal, but it creates a certain excitement that makes you buy more… it’s just science LOL.

Here are some things that I thought were pretty cool.

I stood and stared at this AMAZING old marching band jacket for about five minutes.  It was so gorgeous; probably my favorite thing I saw this trip.  All of these unrelated and wonderfully vintage items sang together in perfect harmony.  I love with every turn of the head, I saw something completely different and unusual.  Amongst all these amazing scores were endless amounts of rusty industrial items, antique furniture, and vintage dishes.  Even if you don’t buy anything, it’s always worth the trip.

My Finds:

This time I bought several odds and ends, but I have plans I tell you.  This trip has yielded some DIY fun to come!  I love all my treasures especially the gorgeous monogrammed silver and aluminum tumblers.

 What was your favorite?

Have you scored any amazing finds lately?

I can’t wait for next month’s Sweet Salvage or my October road trip to the Pasadena flea market! Woohoo!


Until really soon,

Renee Returns

5 thoughts on “Sweet Salvage August 2012

  1. Oh my, this looks like an amazing market. I am SO jealous I am nowhere near to rake! MY favourite photos are the dress and the old scales. If I’d made an appearance I fear I would have probably cleaned out my bank account! 🙂

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