WALL ART: So I Broke Some Dishes…



I prepared a lovely meal for my husband and myself;


Our little menace of a puppy jumped up and swiped a crab cake off my plate;

And after

We enjoyed dessert in our home in the desert, I cleaned up the mess.

I was in the middle of doing the dishes, when I dropped a drinking glass on the stack of plates below.  AHH! I was so mad at myself.  I have such fumble fingers; I’m always dropping things, falling, and walking into walls.  It’s no mystery that I was never a star-athlete.

But back to the story.

The kitchen was clean and I was left with a couple of broken plates.  I really liked these plates.  And they didn’t shatter either, just one chunk broke off.  This made the thought of throwing them away even harder.  So then I started thinking… I could just glue them back together! Nah.  I didn’t want to eat off gluey plates.  THEN I thought, since they broke so nicely, I’ll just take a hammer to the rest of plate and make some wall art!  Oh YEAH!  I pictured to make it look like two place settings.  A little table fuh two!

So that’s what I did.

I wanted glue the plate pieces in back into the original shape of the plate, but not too close, to achieve a “mosaic” look.  But I’d need something to glue the pieces to… DRIFTWOOD.  I had these beautiful planks of driftwood.  I planned out the rest and made a list of the materials I’d need.  All that was left was: gorilla glue, nails, a hammer, three scrap pieces of wood(to attach the driftwood together), and some *s.a.a.v.y. silverware.

*s.a.v.v.y. – antique, vintage, and/or salvage.

I found the silverware the following weekend at local antique store’s parking lot sale.  Now, I was all set.


I had to saw the scrap pieces of wood to fit the size of the driftwood.  After I figured out how I wanted the wood to face, I flipped the two pieces over and nailed on, the scrap wood.  Two vertical and one diagonally across the center for  additional support.


I took the pieces from each plate and arranged them back together.  That one, it uh… it took me a while.  Once that was done, I positioned the dishes on the driftwood and got a-gluing.



I waited for the glue to dry and attached the silverware with strong double-sided tape.


Finally, I attached two eye-hole screws and picture-hanging wire to the back of the wood.

And here we are.

It goes beautifully in the dining room or in the kitchen.  I love the how the three basic materials create a raw aged look.  All in, it only cost me about $15.  I’m sure glad I didn’t throw my dishes away.

I hope you enjoyed this project.  Come back to see how I transform this 1940’s oven toy.

Until really soon,


2 thoughts on “WALL ART: So I Broke Some Dishes…

  1. fantastic! i am going to try this…how long and wide is your driftwood? and how did you get your plates to not shatter and just break into chunks? thanks!!

    • Thank you Ashley! The driftwood is about 2 feet long and a foot high. The plates are smaller, like dessert plates. The first plate broke by accident, but the other one I turned upside down and took a hammer and just hit it in a few spots. The plates are thicker, maybe terra cotta underneath the glaze, so I think that’s why they broke so nicely. I hope this help!

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