Introducing… Bulb to Blossom!

Hey there!

I’m Renee.

This is my very first blog post and I’m so excited and at the same time, so nervous.  I’ve been  planning on doing this for a few years and decided now is the time.  The last four years of my life have been absolutely insane.  Oh, it’s just done a number on my digestion LOL!  I’ve been pulled in a million different directions and now, I’m finally starting to settle into a new life with my husband and pup.


I always try to get to the point and maybe joke a little bit.

Here goes nothing!

Why am I blogging?

Cuz I wanna!

On a more sincere note:

To have one’s own space is something that most would agree is very special.  It provides a therapeutic retreat and allows for personal growth.  I think it’s necessary to keep sane.  Creativity:  I think it’s equal parts privacy and sharing.

And I think blogging is a perfect balance of the two.

Self expression is super important to me and now I have an ideal outlet for my thoughts and ideas to flow.  I feel like a kid in a candy shop.   In my own life, I try bring to back the days of “glory in the flower.” I still find myself in awe of the little things and I try to dream big.

I vow to channel the dreams of my childhood self and let nothing discourage me.

 This is my childhood self.

All in all, I am blogging to express myself, to share my ideas with others, and to connect with those with similar interests.  It’s also a great way to document my life, to get to know myself better, and to make sure I always stick with what makes me happy. I guess you can’t get anywhere unless you put yourself out there, and here I am.  I’m excited to see what this new venture brings.

What will I be blogging about?

My life. Each section at the top of the site explains my passions and interests in that subject. Here.  I’ll give you a quick rundown of what it’s about.

Our Home

I have been documenting the progress of my home.  And by that I mean… I live in a rented condo with my husband and dog, so we are limited to the personal touches we’re able to make… so it’s an interesting process, thus far.  My dog is just like me and has made personal touches of  his teeth into some drywall already.  He’s wasted no time.  That’s my boy! The challenge that renting presents has lead to unique and interesting projects with furniture and decor.  There will be a REVEAL at the finish or overhaul of each room.  You’ll find pinboards, tutorials, and the “where” and “what” of the great stuff that’ll adorn our nest.


Salvage – Antique – Vintage – Varieties of Yesterday.

There are so many different categorizations of this stuff, that I made up an acronym that I use only with my husband.  This is because I don’t have friends out here in AZ… well, yet.  HOW EMBARRASSING? hahaha! I’m glad I’m able to laugh at myself.

Yeah :/

I’m constantly going to new antique stores and flea markets.  I try to do so every time I travel.  It’s interesting to see what you can find on the east coast compared to the west.  I always take pictures of the vast sights and amazing things I see.  I find new and creative ways to use old or obsolete s.a.v.v.y.

Projects and Before & Afters

annie sloan I have so many projects to do with all the s.a.v.v.y.I bring home.  I document the process step by step and show the end product.  I also show before and afters when I re-paint furniture or other simple fixes.


I take a trip.  I post about it.  You’ll read about anything particularly interesting that happens and all the new things I’ll see.  I’ll give the highlights.  Like I mentioned before, I usually turn trips into excuses to shop, so stay on the line for the good stuff.

Thank You, For Reading This Far.

You Made It!!

I tried to make my site as simple as possible to understand.  Click on each section to read about me and what I love.  This is what I will be blogging about.  I will attempt to post as often as I can, but it will be at least once a week.  You can subscribe up on the right so you don’t miss anything.  It’s FREE!!  You can also follow my twitter and Facebook(links on the right) for an extra dose of bulb to blossom.  ALSO FREE!  I promise not to overtake your news feed. I only have one rule:  NO Negative Nancys, but Regular Nancys are fine.

Until Really Soon,